Where it began

The story of the Open Skies Trading Co. goes back to Detroit Michigan. There, we grew up outdoors under the tutelage of a man we called, "Mr. C" as he was known in the local Boy Scout council where he was a Scout leader known for blazing his own trail; ( figuratively and literally.) leading outings to remote places long before the Scouts ever had a concept of what an adventure troop was.

Those early days of canoeing the Canadian shield, fishing in lakes almost entirely untouched by humankind, sleeping under the Aurora Borealis and learning skills of self-reliance and resourcefulness alongside the Boy Scout Laws helped fuel a love of wilderness and the Northwoods that hasn't ever faded.

Almost 20 years later in 2014, feeling a need to reconnect with those days and share the opportunity that created those moments, we started the company that would become the Open Skies Trading Co.


Giving Back

Our earliest days as travelers and explorers were made possible by the contributions, effort and hard work of those who came before us. Without those groups like the Boy Scouts, Sierra Club and the National Park Foundation who preserved the outdoors for us to enjoy them, The Open Skies Trading Co. wouldn't exist ( and we definitely wouldn't have all these neat-o photos we put all over the website. ).

Because of that, we made it part of our mission to protect the wilderness we love by reducing, re-using and recycling our materials wherever possible. But that's the bare minimum to us.

That's why $1 from every shirt we sell is donated to the National Park Foundation and National Parks Conservation Association, and all of our other products give a minimum of %1 to state and local conservation efforts.