You're an Outdoor Brand?


( We know that seems like a no-brainer, but it's the most common question we get, right behind, "you quit your day job to do this?")

Do you have a rewards program?

Not yet. But we're working on it.

In the mean time, you can always sign up for our Facebook, Instagram and email list to get stuff like coupon codes, updates on new things we're making and pictures of our favorite dogs.

How big is your company?

We've got 3 employees here. Granted, one of them walks on four legs and is more concerned with kibble than properly packing t-shirts, but he counts anyway.

Can you make a single custom t-shirt for me?

We absolutely can make custom designs for t-shirts, but the screen printing process isn't well-suited to making a single shirt at a time, so our minimum order is 12 shirts for custom or wholesale orders.

While there are methods out there that would allow us to print single shirts, they don't keep up to our standards of quality and eco-friendliness.

I heard you donate money to conservation, can you donate money to my group?

Our primary method of funding conservation is through the National Park Foundation and the 1% for the planet program.

That being said, we are willing to work with smaller conservation and preservation groups on a case-by-case basis to help provide them with support for their missions. Contact us at shop@openskiestrading.com with your group's information and we'll see what support we can provide.

I bought a shirt and it still hasn't arrived

Sometimes packages get lost in the mail. Sometimes they get eaten by rogue turkeys that attacked the mailman. Sometimes other stuff happens.

If you think your package got lost, eaten, destroyed or otherwise have a concern about it, check our shipping and returns policy so you know what that says, then contact shop@openskiestrading.com and we'll do everything we can short of trying to capture a turkey to help get it figured out for you.

Are you affiliated with the National Parks or other groups in any way?


We're just a little company of outdoor lovers who want to give back. Other than our sister company Muddy Water Press, we are in no way whatsoever officially affiliated with any organization beyond the money we choose to donate from the sales of our products.

All of our National Parks poster series and any of our shirts that reference the parks were created on our own hook, for our own enjoyment and are in no way official. We try to send the donations from the sale of apparel and posters to non-profits working in the park they represent, but that's as close as we get to having a deal of any kind with anyone.

What other services/stuff do you provide?

Our sister company Muddy Water Press provides high-end custom graphic design work for apparel, stickers, packaging, illustration, websites and promotional work ( They're the folks who set us up this swanky website and got to write the answers to these questions from hypothetical customers.)

You can get a hold of them at www.muddywaterpress.net

Where are your shirts made?

Our shirts are made in the US and Honduras using US-made materials.

We believe that where the shirt is made matters less than whether or not it was made in a responsible way that benefits the people making it fully and protects our environment. However, we are always on the lookout for new suppliers to help us improve our product and reduce our footprint as a part of our Eco-Friendly Mission.

How do your shirts fit?

Our shirts are standard sizes for a relatively fit 20-30 year old male. For women buying our unisex shirts, pick a size down from what you would ordinarily wear in a women's size.

To get a quick idea at home of what size shirt is your proper size, once you put it on, feel your shoulder to see where the shoulder seams fall. If the shirt is properly sized, the seams should rest right at the peak of your shoulder where the outside curve of your arm starts and where you'll feel a bump at the top of the joint in your arm.

If you need a more specific way to tell your size, check the link at the bottom of any page to our sizing chart.